FAQ's about MTL Jerky

Where is your product manufactured?

OH CANADA! Our jerky is 100% manufactured and packaged in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our meats as well as our other ingredients are all sourced from local suppliers.


Is your meat wet or dry cured?

WET ALL THE WAY! We believe that using wet curing techniques allow flavors to get deeper into the meat, creating a snack that explodes with flavor the more you chew.


Are there any artificial flavors or ingredients?

HECK TO THE NO! 100% all-natural and minimally processed ingredients!


Is this a good source of protein?

UMMMM YES! We are extremely proud to deliver one of the highest protein content jerky's available on the market. We dare you to compare with other guys!


Is your jerky 100% beef?

YES, 100% EYE OF ROUND TO BE EXACT! What part of the beef you use is extremely important. Our cuts are some of the leanest available.


Do you use nitrates and nitrites?

OH HELL NO! We don’t add any artificial preservatives.


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