Meet the Meat


Our mantra is simple: Take jerky back.

We believe that good jerky starts with great quality meat. Our jerky is made with 100% Canadian premium beef eye of round cuts, one of the leanest types of meat available. This allows us to create a jerky that is low in fat with some of the highest protein

For too long, jerky has been “hijacked” by the junk food category and it is time WE do something about it. We found an opportunity to provide a high protein, low fat snack for those who want to pursue an active lifestyle as well as those who simply want to spoil themselves with a healthy, good tasting snack without having to worry about the ingredients.

Introducing The People’s Beef. 100% Canadian. Lean and high in protein. Hand cut. Small Batch. Wet Cured. Dried to perfection. Jerky the way it was meant to be.

Come join the revolution!


different cow parts for cuts of meat

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